Outbound Marketing Services


Outsourced Marketing Process Model Overview

Athena's outsourced marketing process leverages our holistic infrastructure model which includes inbound and outbound marketing, new business development, demand generation and sales support services. Athena's model provides a complete offering (a combination of people, process and tools) to support all your front-end sales needs through a low-risk monthly pricing fee structure.

Lead Generation & Lead Management (RAMP)

Synchronized Relationship Acquisition and Management™ (RAMP-UP) is a practical and financially sound solution that is aimed at increasing new revenue opportunities by helping companies acquire a constant stream of relationships with potential customers and centers of influence (qualified leads), while improving sales productivity, market intelligence and market/prospect awareness for the companies products/services. Our synchronized process is repeatable and measurable and is divided into two core relationship-centric stages: Relationship Acquisition (lead development and qualification) and Relationship Management (prospect nurturing and intelligence feedback).

Trade Show Support Program

Athena’s Trade Show Support Program leverages our Synchronized Relationship Acquisition and Management Process™ (RAMP) to focus on increasing trade show traffic for your exhibit booth, provide on-site support to walk the trade show floor to engage prospects, vendors and competitors to deliver meaningful feedback and market intelligence, and execution of post-event follow up activities to qualify leads and move opportunities into active sales cycles. This program will support one customer trade show or conference event.

Event Marketing Program

Athena’s On-Demand Event Marketing Program leverages the best of our Synchronized Relationship Acquisition and Management Process™ (RAMP) to focus on generating high volumes of attendees for both live and web-based events. The program supports one customer event to help generate attendance and post-campaign follow up activities to move opportunities into active sales cycles.

RFQ and Active Sales Cycle Support Services

Athena's RFQ and Active Sales Cycle Support Services are aimed at increasing the overall productivity and operational sales performance of our customer's sales reps and subject matter experts, by relieving them of administrative sales tasks, providing them with more time to focus on selling, thus increasing their effectiveness and ability to raise sales closure results.

Marketing and Sales Support Services

Athena provides a holistic solution to managing, executing and supporting all of your front-end sales and marketing needs. The following represents our outsourced marketing and sales support services:

  • Relationship Centric Touch Marketing Programs - Athena provides a monthly or bi-monthly continuous communications touch process designed to educate the targeted market/prospects regarding your products and services, while secondarily creating market awareness for your company and the value, expertise and differentiation you can provide over that of your competition. 
  • Nurture Marketing Programs - A custom-designed program to establish "one-to-one" permission-based communications and relationships with targeted prospects that will result in the contact gaining a clear understanding of the client's capabilities to meet the prospect's needs and converting opportunities into future qualified leads. 
  • Marketing and Sales Lead Pipeline Management Services - This program is designed to provide clients with outsourced resources on a weekly or monthly basis to drive both marketing leads and sales leads to the next step dispositions and to assist with the management and reporting of active sales cycle opportunities. 
  • Marketing Automation Tools - Athena provides fully integrated marketing automation (Vbout) and CRM (Pipedrive) that execute, track, manage and measure all aspects of RAMP campaigns and support program activity.