How we do it

To provide your business with qualified “Sales Ready” leads and Future Demand and relationship opportunities requires Athena to first understand your business model and the goals you want to achieve for new business development. Examples may include:

  • How many new customers and new revenue dollars do you want to add?

  • How many leads do you want to add to your pipeline?

  • How many new relationships do you want to create, manage and nurture?

  • Do you want to learn more about prospect interest in your products/services?

  • Do you want to increase awareness for your products/services in the market

We must also understand your product/service positioning and your targeted markets.

  • What are the markets where your product/service best fits?

  • What are the pains that your product/service resolves? What value do you provide as a result?

  • What advantage does your product/service have over competitors?

  • What are the most pressing issues that potential buyers deal with?

  • Who are the decision makers and/or key influencers?

  • What buying criteria define a qualified ‘Sales Ready” lead?

Finally, we must collaborate with your sales management to develop targeted and compelling messaging that is focused on buyer pain points, key interests and/or specific needs, to elicit a buyer response to engage in a conversation and/or educational event, or to agree to receive relevant content on a periodic basis that will contribute to their learning and ultimate buying decision.

With the above information, we are able to customize your program approach; create the relevant metrics for accountability, and execute to our Outsourced Sales and Marketing Process Model.