How we are different

Our objective is to help you improve your sales and bottom-line return on your marketing investment(s) by helping your business develop a sustainable (front-end) sales process to generate and manage new business development opportunities, while increasing “qualified sales face-time” for your sales organization.

Our experience and research shows that the volume of sales that a company can produce is highly dependent on the volume of sales opportunities that are in the company’s pipeline. Accordingly, our approach is to help businesses optimize the volume of leads into their funnel and to manage those leads through to qualified sales-ready leads.

It is our belief that the role of the sales rep is to sell. The question then becomes, as you breakdown weekly/monthly activity, what is the actual time being allocated to new business development active sales cycles?

The chart below present’s third party research and re-enforced client feedback of how the average B2B sales reps time is being allocated on a monthly basis. Please pay close attention to the time being allocated to new business development selling.


Our front-end sales process is based on manufacturing process designs. We create a division of labor between sales and marketing that allows sales to focus on selling and marketing to focus on optimizing volume, speed and lead quality. This approach results in significant increases in both lead volume and sales rep productivity and significant sales cycle compression.


We utilize an outsourced infrastructure model which leverages our Synchronized Relationship Acquisition and Management (RAMP) process to accomplish our objective. RAMP is a highly customizable, repeatable and measurable process designed to generate qualified sales-ready leads; develop and manage permission-based relationships with future-interest prospects (Nurture opportunities), and generate and manage future-demand opportunities. With RAMP you are able to clearly quantify and link your marketing investment(s) to improvements in both sales productivity and to your bottom-line.

Our ability to quickly and continuously fill your pipeline with highly qualified leads that result in new business, compressed sales cycles, and increased sales rep productivity has helped Athena establish itself as a most reliable provider of lead generation and lead management services.

Our expertise is focused on Business-to-Business and Business-to-Healthcare complex selling environments.

Our proven process also results in increasing prospect interest and desire for your products (market awareness), while providing real-time market intelligence regarding how prospects perceive the value of your offer.

Our marketing automation Lead Management Portal tools provides comprehensive visibility of lead activity, lead classification, and effectively enables the management of all leads through the lead generation cycle to final disposition for your sales team.

Our experience suggests that by testing our Outsourced Infrastructure Model you will be better positioned to evaluate and decide on a (front-end) sales process that best fits your business.